Welcome to Helicam - we are proven specialists in all aspects of aerial filming using Helicopters.


Spend a day with the Helicam team to really sharpen the senses, gain some inner calm and of course, refresh your filming styles. Not only is spending the day with us technically considered ‘work’ (after all you will get some amazing aerial footage to show off on your return) but you’ll also experience the wit and wisdom that is…..us! (‘knock knock’ jokes included!)


You’d be surprised how many other companies simply bolt a camcorder to the bottom of a conventional helicopter and expect a decent shot out of it! We remind ourselves of this if we are feeling a bit tired or stressed. We find that four or five hours of howling with laughter is a great way to energise spirits. Unlike many competitors, our system is designed from the start as a camera ship for the best footage possible.


Take for example our Helicam (hush of anticipation from the audience)  – a portable helicopter with a gyro-stabilised camera attached (gasp) it’s remote controlled and just perfect for specialised low altitude filming (standing ovation now please). Not only that, but we’re also the owners of the Multicopter (a cheeky little fellow) which aides us in being the specialists in all aspects of aerial filming and enables us to provide a unique, fully tailored solution to meet your production needs whatever they may be.


With a dedicated and professional team, and a willingness to travel anywhere this is a testament to our dedication and eagerness in ensuring that you get the most fantastic footage possible. So, go make a huge vat of tea, steal someone else’s packed lunch from the fridge and enjoy our website. You’ll find professional filming solutions on every page!